Old North Durham, Durham

A Historic Close-Knit Community

Old North Durham

A thriving historical neighborhood, Old North Durham, has maintained its close-knit community while evolving over the years. As you drive through it, one of the first things you’ll notice is that the most popular home styles here are bungalows, colonials, and Craftsman-styled houses. Homes in this area range from smaller, modest homes to lavish mansions. Durham’s annual Strawberry Festival takes place at Old North Durham Park every year, which brings everyone together for a fun-filled day of live music, games, delicious treats (such as homemade strawberry shortcake), art (such as paper strawberry making), and even a 5k run. The park also offers kids a playground, while nearby Fullsteam Brewery serves up tasty craft beers for grownups who want an evening out on the town. With relaxing chairs outside where people can catch up with friends or unwind after work, there’s something for everyone!