Best Neighborhood & Apartments Near Duke University

Finding Your New Home Near Duke University

Duke University has a large campus, and Durham is not a large city in terms of square miles. Many parts of Durham are highly walkable and bikeable for someone who is looking to avoid the cost of owning a car. Durham also has the DATA public bus system.

Regardless of if you are a new faculty member or a new student, there are a lot of apartments near Duke University that are close by for transportation and convenient to live in

Apartments Near Duke University

Where to Look for Lodging Residence in Durham, North Carolina?

Duke University is located in Durham, North Carolina, and there are several neighborhoods in and around Durham that are popular for students and faculty looking for apartments. The best neighborhood for you will depend on your personal preferences, budget, and lifestyle. Here are some neighborhoods near Duke University that you might consider:

Trinity Heights

Originally built by Duke University and very close to East Campus, this neighborhood has a mixture of new houses, historic homes, and new townhomes.

Trinity Park

A historic neighborhood with a mixture of new and old houses. It is filled with beautiful tree-lined streets and a sense of community. It’s a bit further from campus but provides a quieter, more residential atmosphere.

Ninth Street District

This area is known for its vibrant atmosphere with plenty of shops, restaurants, and cafes. It’s a short distance from the Duke campus and offers various housing options, including apartments.

Ninth Street-Old West Durham

A favorite of graduate students and faculty, this area is very close to 9th Street. This neighborhood is within walking distance of campus and is known for its eclectic mix of housing options, including apartments and historic homes.


Very close to Old West Durham, this area is notable for larger homes than what is typically found in the Durham interior.

Duke Park

Farther away from Duke campuses than usual, but this neighborhood is notable for a lot of parks. It is very popular with postdocs and younger adjunct professors.

Duke Forest

This older neighborhood is tucked into a heavily wooded area close to Duke. It is a great option for those who choose to bike to campus. It is located very close to the university and offers a mix of housing options, including apartments. It’s convenient for students and faculty.


This place is on the outside of downtown, away from Duke Campus. It has undergone a heavy transition in recent years.


If you prefer a more suburban setting, Hope Valley is a bit farther from campus but offers larger housing options in a tranquil, residential area. This neighborhood has a mixture of larger and smaller homes, but the lots are bigger than you’ll typically find close to campus.


The street is close to East Campus. It has a large number of smaller homes and a high rental percentage.

Downtown Durham

This neighborhood has been revitalized in recent years and offers a variety of apartments, lofts, and condos. It’s a short drive or bus ride to Duke University.

Erwin Road

This area is particularly near Duke University Hospital, offers convenient housing options for those affiliated with the medical school.

West End

The location is relatively close to Duke’s East Campus and offers a mix of housing types, including apartments.

Things to Consider When Hunting for House or Apartments Near Duke University

When looking for apartments near Duke University, consider factors like your budget, transportation needs, proximity to campus, and the type of community and amenities you desire. It’s also a good idea to visit these neighborhoods in person to get a feel for the local atmosphere and see if they meet your preferences. Additionally, you can consult with Duke University’s housing office or local real estate agents for more guidance and options.